Processes centered around purchase orders and assets from request through to deployment
Request an asset, approve request, create PO, approve PO, order items, receive and deploy
Multiple stage approval processes and customized procurement documentation are supported



xAssets Applications can support comprehensive procurement functionality designed to meet the needs of your business.

Procurement functions are part of the core application within xAssets ITAM and Enterprise Solutions. The functions are made available usually through additional licensing.

Procurement processes can be modified according to the customer's business model. The following processes are included by default in the ITAM and Fixed Asset Management Procurement implementations:

  • End user Portal for users to Request a New Asset
  • Users Manager and/or Procurement Manager approve that request and a PO is created
  • PO is fed through an approval process for up to 3 levels, with email notifications
  • Receiving process including barcoding for the asset tag
  • Deployment process including barcoding for the asset tag and baseline discovery for IT assets

Procurement includes printable PO's and configuration makes it possible to have a separate requisition document.

Purchase Orders are fully supported as a base data source for the Query Engine, allowing customized queries for Management Information and baseline Processes.

Configuration Options

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