Service Management and Help Desk
Cut incident volume and resolution times with an asset centric solution

Service Management and Help Desk


  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Single Asset and Service Management Database Solution
  • Integration to Active Directory, SCCM, SMS, discovery tools and other IT Applications
  • Warranty and Contract Management
  • Spare Parts Inventory and RMA
  • Browser based, Windows Server, Microsoft.NET and Sql Server
  • Scalable to Large Enterprises


xAssets Service Management Software is available as an integral part of the xAssets IT Asset Management solution. This architecture optimizes Service Delivery by ensuring that all incidents are connected into the organisations IT Asset Infrastructure and having direct access to the Asset database in a single integrated application ensures rapid call resolution through data quality, accessibility, accuracy and consistency. The software was written with these business goals in mind:

  • Reduce Incident Volume
  • Fast resolution of Incidents and Problems
  • Configurable Workflows for each type of Service Task
  • Easy to use for Callers and the Service Desk
  • Rapid deployment and minimal training needed


Service Management dashboard can be set to the home page, showing drilldownable summary charts and inventory. All charts, menus, links and scripts are configured to customer requirements.$User specific inbox lists all incidents associated with or assigned to the logged in user$Configurable forms are used to enter all kind of incidents, changes, requests, exceptions etc and these can be configured per asset type, per user group and per logon profile$Menus are configured specific to each customers needs and can include new functionality as well as using or reusing existing functionality
Image 1 of 4 - Service Management dashboard can be set to the home page, showing drilldownable summary charts and inventory. All charts, menus, links and scripts are configured to customer requirements.

Reduced Incident Volume

Incidents and Problems are reduced as follows:

  • Predict incidents before they occur and resolve them using the reports from Network Discovery
  • Increase server reliability by monitoring key measures from Network Discovery
  • Discovery reports on stopped Windows Services including Patchlink, Automatic Updates and AV products
  • Self Service Profiles can close as well as open incidents

Faster Resolution of Incidents

Incidents and Problems are resolved quickly for the following reasons:

  • Full access to detailed asset discovery info from the incident screen
  • Rediscover the asset to get updated configuration information
  • Knowledge base relating to all previous incidents
  • Technicians can access the system from any computer on the network
  • Closing a problem record can close related incident records

Configurable Workflows

The workflow engine is configured according to customer requirements and enables the conditional routing of incidents, problems and other types of task through a defined process.

Ease of use

The browser based interface enables access from any PC on the network. The self service module is very simple and enables end users to submit incidents by email or web form, and they can subsequently close incidents themselves.

The user interface is configured to exact customer requirements, so just the information needed by the business is recorded against each incident. Since all assets are usually stored in the ITAM application, there is no requirement for technicians to complete asset information. The help desk simply finds the caller by name, location or serial number, and raises an incident against the callers computer asset. Asset information is automatically discovered on a regular basis and is always up-to-date.

Configuration Options

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