Technical Architecture
Based on the latest Microsoft.NET technology and Microsoft Sql Server
Low level access to configurations, scripts, discovery components and security settings
Providing the performance and scalability necessary for large database implementations

Technical Architecture


All xAssets Solutions are based on the same underlying software. This software is an asset-centric cross browser based database application with a powerful configuration layer, enabling xAssets to create solutions based around several data entities including assets, service, procurement and financial transactions.

The basis of the technical architecture is:

  • Browser Based Interface
  • Sql Server Database
  • Windows Server running IIS with ASP.NET
  • Supports Email Notifications
  • Collection Servers are placed in strategic locations and communicate via https - no open ports needed
  • Web Servers are secured by Client IP Address Range
  • Windows Authentication and Sql Database Authentication models are supported

The configurable layer within each application comprises:

  • Menus, Menu Categories and User Profiles
  • Dashboards capable of displaying Charts, Tables, Queries and Menu Links
  • Queries and Reports
  • Report Engine supporting Automated Report Generation and an End User Report Designer
  • Comprehensive Integration Toolset for Imports, Exports, Business Rules and data recognition
  • Configurable Discovery Layer, and the code to Load Asset Data from Discovery to the Data Model is configurable
  • Custom Fields can be added to any data model tables for any data type
  • Custom Field types include Text, CheckBox, Number, Lookups, Multiple valued fields, Multiple valued lookups, and Multiple valued contact associations
  • New data model tables can be created


Use any browser or mobile device

Apps and other installed software can be costly to maintain, so xAssets solutions are browser based and can be used from any device without installation.

Our software uses a "Single Page Application" architecture. This means the screen is never refreshed completely, content only changes when needed. This makes the end user experience slick and fast.

Screenshot of xAssets IT Asset Management software working on an Apple IPhone

Configuration Options

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