xAssets Case Study - Telos
Service Management and Field Management of over 25,000 military assets


In 2008, Telos was advised that support for the asset management software that it was using to manage the laptop provisioning and maintenance contract would be discontinued at the end of 2009. Consequently, Telos began a search for a new solution in mid-year. As part of the search for a new solution, Telos vetted the xAssets Enterprise Asset Management solution. During the presentation made by xAssets, it became clear the comprehensive solution could provide all of the required functionality available from competing software products, but at a lower cost and with less overheads. Following a comprehensive review of potential software products Telos selected the xAssets Enterprise Management Solution.

Customized without Complications

Telos had developed a list of functional requirements that needed to be meet by the xAssets software. Using the xAssets Enterprise framework, Telos-specific menu items, queries, profiles, integrations, data movements, triggers, business rules, reports, forms and processes were configured from within the user interface. This design phase included configuring the asset register to allow multiple profiles, and incorporating Telosspecific menus, reports, queries, forms and dashboards. In addition, the warehouse, help desk and shipping functions were integrated. In this way Telos was able to use a single, integrated system to create and issue purchase requests, track the availability of parts in the warehouse, allocate parts to a specific repair and automate the entire shipping process.

Outstanding Results

Using the xAssets Enterprise Asset Management solution, Telos now have a vertically integrated and automated system for To learn more about how xAssets can help your organization please visit www.xassets.com tracking incoming service orders, allocating parts to those work orders, tracking the status of each repair and shipping the repaired computer. The required parts are entered, identified as available in the warehouse, and are automatically allocated to the repair. If parts are not available a purchase order is generated, and the parts are pre-allocated and held upon receipt. When the repair is completed the xassets system generates a shipping order, directly integrating with Federal Express® or UPS®.

Real Financial Benefits

By installing the xAssets Enterprise Asset Manangement solution, Telos was able to upgrade the existing depot and repair system, and lower the overall operating costs associated with the process. Furthermore, the fee structure for the xAssets solution ensured Telos saved real budget dollars. After a year in operation, the xAssets solution has met all of Telos’ needs, enabled the company to better serve its customer and is an integral part of the overall operations.

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