Full Lifecycle IT and Fixed Asset Management Software
Manage the full lifecycle of IT and fixed assets with requests, procurement, receiving, in-service processing, RMA, disposal and obsolescence

Full Lifecycle Asset Management Software Solutions


Managing the full lifecycle of an asset is an essential strategic aspect of corporate asset management. By choosing a solution which implements full lifecycle management, it becomes possible to track acquisition patterns, asset reliability, supplier performance, cost effectiveness of acquisition strategies and other metrics.

Other benefits include

  • Implement procurement requesting mechanisms
  • Support approval mechanisms of any complexity
  • Centralize receiving processes
  • Establish common practices for in-service asset management, maintenance, testing and performance
  • Ensure that assets with poor performance can be identified and obsolesced
  • Maintain reliability by retiring older assets with processes to identify and retire them

Asset Lifecycle Processes

xAssets Fixed Asset Management and xAssets IT Asset Management both cover the entire asset lifecycle from Procurement to Disposal, including all financial aspects of those lifecycle elements.

Fixed Asset Management Solutions Flowchart

Flexibility and Configuration

There is considerable strategic advantage in implementing a solution which can be configured to fit corporate processes. Instead of having the shape your business to operate as the software requires, you can shape your business and the software to optimize asset lifecycle workflows and therefore minimise operational costs and reduce time spent on lifecycle processes.

All xAssets' solutions allow this flexibility, where the system is shaped to your requirements and each user group only sees the functions they need. This means lower training overhead and occasional users find it easy to use the system since they can go straight to the functionality they need quickly.

Configuration Options

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