Implementation Projects
Meeting the needs of large enterprises with short implementation projects
Medium size business requirements can usually be met "out of the box"



xAssets has been implementing solutions for large and mid sized organisations since 2002. We have undertaken very large corporate implementation projects and we often engage in short implementation projects for mid sized organisations.

Enterprise Implementation Projects

xAssets offers the shortest route to an implemented asset management solution available. Our configuration specialists and system implementation partners can meet the needs of large enterprises in short timescales. The key to this unique offering is the configuration capabilities of the xAssets solution set. Most configuration is done within the user interface, and specific requirements for even large enterprises can often be met within two weeks of implementation.

Medium Business Implementations

Often, medium sized businesses (200 to 2000 employees) can use our out of the box products with minimal training and we often see the admin users taking on the role of product configuration to adjust the system to meet specific needs.

More complex requirements for mid sized businesses are usually met with 2 to 7 days of consulting services.

xAssets is able to expedite locally installed implementations by performing the configuration work in a hosted environment, and then moving the final database to the customers servers when configuration is complete.


xAssets software includes the middleware required to integrate to locally installed applications. Data federation is also supported. See our Integration page for more information.

Configuration Options

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