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Asset Management Software for High Security Implementations

From 9th April 2018, xAssets Version 7.2 can be deployed on SIPRNET and NIPRNET to fulfil complex requirements or very large database implementations centered around IT Asset Management, Fixed Asset Management or other asset centric requirements.

Possible solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • IT Asset Management
  • Automated discovery of Computers, Servers, VMs, IP phones and all other IP connected devices
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Service Management
  • Any asset-centric requirement can be quickly met through configuration
  • Inferred discovery of radios and other devices which have some network capability where we can pick up "clues" about a device
  • Management of explosives, munitions and forensics
  • Fleet and vehicles
  • Very large database (VLDB) requirements can be met with minimal server outlay
  • Facilities management and property management

xAssets can produce solutions to unique challenges in short timescales. This can cover device discovery, application and workflow processes, very large database requirements and unusual or complex needs where no other viable solution exists.

The majority of our existing customers use the software for IT Asset Management, Asset Discovery and Fixed Asset Management although the system is capable of meeting complex requirements in many other asset centric applications. We have built systems for explosives management, radio tracking, crime scene and evidence management, fleet, maintenance, barcoding, check in/out, financial assets and also unusual networked asset discovery scenarios. With the newly released Version 7.2, we have more power than ever to achieve these goals in shorter timescales and therefore at lower cost.

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