Understand pricing structure for our Enterprise Products



Pricing is lower than our competitors and changes with the number of users and number of assets. Quotations are constructed as follows:

  • A base license fee covering a server license and two users
  • A cost per discovered node
  • A cost for additional users
  • Optional cost per discovered Mac, ESX, Linux and Unix computer
  • Configuration services and training if needed

Pricing is kept simple so that customers do not have to keep making additional purchases to add features, in general, once you have purchased a solution it will be quickly configured to requirements. Adding additional requirements and new functions to the same business area does not normally incur additional fees unless substantial services are required.

SNMP nodes and non-Windows devices do not count as licensable nodes even though we discover those items in depth with SNMP. SNMP nodes are included within the server license.

User licenses can be concurrent or named. Customers can create any number of concurrent user logins, but only the licensed number of users can be logged in at any one time. Named users are guaranteed to be able to logon at any time.

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Software Discovery Service

Our non-government Software Discovery Service pricing is discounted for Microsoft SAM Assist and multiple LAR Engagements. When a Software Discovery Service project is completed, customers can convert to the Network Discovery Product and receive a discount equal to the purchase amount of the Software Discovery Service.

Pricing is per node and the per-node cost reduces as the number of nodes increases.

Pricing for xAssets Network Discovery Software and Service

Pricing is calculated on a per node basis and customers can purchase additional users and additional licenses for other modules to extend the software into ITAM and other functionality.

Pricing for IT Asset Management, SAM, and Fixed Asset Management

For our enterprise IT, SCCM and fixed asset management products, pricing is structured around a base server license, plus a price per discovered node with a base number of users included. Additional licensing for concurrent or named users is also available. The pricing is designed to make the software accessible to companies of all sizes and our current user base ranges from companies with 200 computers to companies with over 100,000 computers.

Pricing varies depending on user requirements and we can often reconfigure existing products to meet customer requirements and save money on licensing. Each solution is built to a customer's exact needs taking account of incoming data sources, discovery, functional requirements, user base, asset financials and customized reports.

Pricing for Cloud SAAS Implementations vs Locally Installed

Locally installed implementations typically cost 2 to 2.5 times the annual cost of a hosted cloud service and require an additional annual support fee which is usually 20% of license.

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