Accessible pricing which scales with the number of users and assets
Simple pricing structures with all functionality included makes buying choices easy
Fully functional low cost editions allow immediate benefits and to execute proof of concept projects


Professional Edition Pricing

Professional edition is a "sign-up and go" hosted service run on hardened servers in hardened datacenters. Your data is kept safe and if your company meets our qualifying criteria you can start using the service today via a free trial

Pricing is structured as a base server license which includes one user, 200 IT assets and 1,000 fixed assets. Additional packs can be purchased as follows:

  • Additional IT Assets - pricing for discovered nodes or assets with a processor
  • Additional Fixed Assets - priced at one fifth of the per asset price of a pack of IT assets
  • Additional Named Users - these are users who have a fixed logon slot and can logon any time
  • Additional Concurrent Users - these users can log on when the total number of concurrent logon slots has not been consumed

xAssets no longer attaches pricing to modules, so all functionality is available to every implementation. This simplifies purchasing decisions as you only have to choose from two products - ITAM or fixed asset management - and any function needed can be included from either product.

Professional Edition is intended to meet the needs of mid-sized enterprises who will gain a rapid return on investment with a cloud system that can be shaped to their needs in short timescales and be up and running within a few days of sign up.

Pricing for Cloud Solutions - Enterprise Editions

Enterprise edition pricing is not published and follows similar pricing structures to professional edition. The main differences are that we allow pricing to be structured flexibly and adaptively such that the pricing for each customer is fair, accessible, proportionate and able to achieve the customers end goals of full utilisation and excellent return on investment.

The key differences between enterprise editions and professional editions are

  • Enterprise edition carries a higher base license fee which includes substantial computing power and assistance
  • Support is structured differently with customers having direct telephone access to product specialists
  • Pricing can be discounted and adapted for each customer whereas professional edition pricing is fixed
  • Enterprise customers can choose cloud hosted or on-premise and can switch at any time
  • Enterprise solutions are normally implemented by our implementation team or our systems integration partners
  • Utilise unlimited CPU, memory and database sizes, there are no restrictions on performance
  • Professional edition databases are limited to about 5GB of storage (around 10,000 technology assets, 50,000 fixed assets)
  • Customers can download a daily backup of their data
  • Enterprise systems are deeply configured to match the exact functional requirements of each customer
  • Options to host on dedicated servers (vm and bare metal are possible)

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