Report Generation and Report Design
Automated report generation and a fully functional report designer in all products
Supports PDF reports as well as extraction to CSV, HTM and XLS formats
Report designer includes advanced features and support for Crystal Reports

Report Generation and Report Design


Reports in xAssets Applications cover every part of the system. The system ships with reports attached to most commonly used queries. All applications include a Report Designer and a feature which allows a report to be automatically generated for any Query which does not already have a report design associated with it.

The report designer is similar in concept to the designers in Crystal and Microsoft Access and is included in all xAssets Applications. The source format for the report design is XML which allows for programmatic report generation and facilitates manual editing of the XML content.

xAssets Applications include reports as a fundamental part of the core product. Each on-screen query has an associated report design, which is automatically constructed when a report is requested for that query and no design currently exists. This allows for reports and queries to be easily managed.

Further reporting options are possible using Transformations. Transformations allow PDF or other format reports as the destination for the selected target data and the AMSX scripting language allows the generation of specific reports - with specific parameters - and this can automatically generate reports and email them on a scheduled, triggered or interactive basis.

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