Asset Tracking
Track assets with barcoding, RFID tagging integration and network discovery
Integration tools allow asset tracking from multiple data sources

Asset Tracking


Assets are typically tracked using multiple data sources such as discovery tools, Intune, SCCM, Active Directory and Accounting Systems. This data is then combined with specific tracking exercises such as barcode audits and network discovery runs to provide multiple sources of evidence for asset existence, facilitating the subsequent confirmation of asset existence, correlation of all contributing systems, and a holistic view of the organisations asset base.

Full support for asset barcoding and scanning is provided. We resell scanners as optional extras and these have been tested with our products. Auditors performing location audits can print out a report listing locations and expected assets (with barcodes and descriptions).

More information on Asset Audits can be found here

Assets can be checked in and out as per a library function. The action can be performed individually or on groups of assets.

Configuration Options

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