Ten things you'll love about xAssets ITAM
Fast, scalable, secure, integration, SAM, Contracts, Virtual, Desktops, Servers
Cloud hosted or on-premise, cross browser, mobile device support, flexible, affordable and fast

Ten things you'll love about xAssets ITAM

xAssets IT asset management software is now in its seventh edition after over 18 years of aggressive product development, most of which has been driven by customer needs, feedback and technology shifts. The latest release was the result of eight years of progressive development and over 50 separate research and development projects contributed to it. We continue to drive value for customers with accessible pricing, rapid configuration, excellent performance, scalability, ease of use and ease of deployment. This article gives a summary overview of the main reasons our user base like our software.

Accessible Pricing

According to an article in the ITAM review, the "market leader" in the IT Asset Management and Service Management space charges over $5 per server per month for discovery. Other sites on the web show that the same company charges $120 per month for per user pricing, which is well over double our named user pricing and considerably more than our concurrent user pricing. We also discount volume purchases of nodes and user licenses. Our pricing nets out a tiny fraction of this "market leader" yet we think customers gain a more rapid return on investment and the flexibility our solution offers surpasses the offerings from these competitors.

Cloud Hosted or On-Premise

Professional edition is only available as a cloud hosted solution, but with one or more secure collection servers located inside your network to bring integration and discovery information to the cloud service.

Enterprise customers can choose cloud hosted or on-premise and can switch at any time. This means that xAssets will take on hosting of your locally installed implementation at any time, or that you can transfer from a cloud-hosted implementation to an on-premise implementation at any time and for the same pricing. This model can also be used to replicate the system so that read-only access is possible for users if your company loses internet access (a rare occurrence these days).

For more information see our xAssets Hosted and Onsite Solutions page.


xAssets software solutions can be modified from the out of the box system to meet any requirement without losing upgradeability. This may include minor reconfiguration of dashboards, forms, queries, reports, menu items, user portals, integrations and security settings, or it may cover configuration of new functionality specifically required by the customer. Most configuration can be done from the browser based user interface without programming knowledge.

This ensure that continual improvement of your ITAM processes and data collection.

All xAssets solutions are built from one underlying technology, the xAssets Enterprise Application Framework. This framework provides a web services based API, a dedicated scripting Language, a configurable browser based application client, technologies for discovering IP based assets and configuration capabilities to build virtually any asset management system. Custom solutions can be built by reusing the functions already created within xAssets solutions or from an empty database.

For more information see our Custom Solutions page.


The US Air Force granted certification in January 2018 for all xAssets Version 7.1-7.x products to be used on the two main US air force networks - NIPRNET and SIPRNET. This means the product is written to the highest standards and specifications and has passed stringent tests covering all aspects of software security in a web based environment.

For more information see our Security page.

Integration Toolkit including System Center (SCCM) and Active Directory

The xAssets integration toolkit includes "out of the box" integrations to the most commonly used applicationa and also allows integrations to be quickly developed to any applications installed on customer network.

System Center integration is provided with all xAssets editions out of the box. Active Directory integration and HP Webjet Admin integration are also provided.

Through the configuration interface, simple integrations can be assembled and tested in a few hours. Complex integrations which include data cleansing, data recognition, multiple data sources and specialised business rules can be usually developed with just a few days consulting.

For more information see our Integration page.

Performance and Scalability

xAssets solutions are based on a Sql Server data model which is optimized for huge scalability without compromising the depth of information stored on each asset and incident. We use Microsoft Sql Server to achieve scaling and our database design is fully "normalised" with no repetition of text information or images.

The client software uses a recent technology called a "single page application" which means the page never refreshes - this makes the user experience much faster and more fluid.

For more information see our Performance and Scalability page.

Cross Browser and Cross Device

Our client software runs in a web browser so you don't have to deploy it or install it.

You don't have to be running Windows to use our software. The software runs on any mobile device and in any browser. Phones can be used as scanners and ipads, Macs and UX devices can access the application in the same way as a windows device

Full Lifecycle Asset Management

xAssets IT Asset Management covers the entire asset lifecycle from Procurement to Disposal, including all financial aspects of those lifecycle elements.

Fixed Asset Management Solutions Flowchart

For more information see our Full Lifecycle page.

Software Asset Management and Software Licensing

SAM can be complicated and time consuming, and failing to address SAM adequately carries substantial legal and financial risk.

xAssets ITAM encapsulates the processes of hardware and software inventory in a simplified three step process and allows matching of these to ensure that licenses are allocated correctly and accounted for.

For more information see our Software Asset Management page.

Superfast zero-impact agentless discovery

Discover each PC in 4 seconds or less without compromising the depth of information returned.

The discovery engine is multi-threaded and typically discovers between 20 and 200 devices per second depending on the size of the environment. This has negligible effect on the network, a 100mbps network card is typically running at around 1% to 3%, and most infrastructure now supports 1GBPS so much higher threading levels can be deployed.

xAssets Discovery is now an integral part of xAssets ITAM and discovers all kinds of devices including Windows, Linux, Unix, Routers, Switches, SNMP including SNMP-V3, IP Phones, Printers and Attached Devices. Installed Software is also discovered and can be used as part of your Software License Compliance program.

For more information see our Network Discovery page.

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