xAssets Consulting Services
Rapid resolution of complex asset centered business problems
Leveraging highly configurable applications to benefit customers

Consulting Services

As well as being shaped to meet specific requirements, our products can also solve complex and unusual business problems. This is achieved by having a fast configuration interface and the entire product can be reconfigured.

With a heritage of over twenty years deploying asset management solutions to large global enterprises, and an excellent team of highly trained Product Specialists with a solid consulting background, we are well placed to ensure the clients business goals are met or exceeded.

xAssets Product Specialists and Consultants are all highly qualified, certified specialists with substantial technical, business, and strategic understanding of the issues and challenges faced by customers worldwide.

We accept worldwide consulting engagements, sometimes partnering with consulting firms, and sometimes allocating our own staff, to help customers achieve specific business goals. Our products form the basis of each engagement but the focus is the business problem we are solving.

IT Asset Management

We understand the broad implications of Software Asset Management projects and we carry Microsoft Certifications and ITIL Foundation Certifications relating to ITAM and SAM. We are also a Microsoft Partner. We have a strong track record of implementing SAM Programs under the frameworks specified by Microsoft and ITIL.

Our consultants can advise on maximizing returns on technology investment, legal compliance, asset redeployment, procurement processes and quick wins which can make huge differences to productivity and expenditure within a short timeframe. Retirement of expensive enterprise applications and replacement with cloud services is rapidly gaining traction and xAssets is a leading participating vendor in this technology shift as well as a trusted advisor on applying this change to other applications.

Fixed Asset Management

We understand the challenges faced by companies residing in countries which are adopting IFRS, such as Canada. Our products enable customers to compare asset accounts side-by-side to ensure that IFRS compliance and differences are correctly treated. Consultant help customers achieve these goals through closely fitting the software and processes to the clients business.

Barcoding and RFID present technical challenges in the way that processes can be integrated to achieve specific business goals. xAssets helps optimize

We carry expertise in Planned Maintenance and Manufacturing and are able to assist businesses with realignment of maintenance processes to achieve specific business goals.

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